Their attitude could indicate that at least some of them were professional mourners, hired for the occasion by the family. They had seen Him cast out demons and heal the lame. Is
As she dances, one of the young men faints. In the present, he feels ashamed for having been ashamed of his grandparents, who were once enslaved but freed after the Civil War. As
Although the sculptor wishes to impose a form (say, a bust of George Washington) on the marble, he is limited by the matter he has to work with and may have to adapt
Marriage provides a new social reality for people, which is achieved mainly through conversations with their spouse in private. (Schutz 1964, 87) Besides thus resuscitating a version of homo economicus, Schutz insisted that
During a November 26, 2015, Senate Q A session, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared that he was "weary of those people always looking for excuses or cultural and sociological explanations" for the