Multicultural Music Education

multicultural Music Education

teachers can economics and the housing mark utilize multicultural music education in their daily lessons. . Today, both music and general education teachers strive to incorporate multicultural themes into their lessons. . Multicultural music education is both the teaching of music from diverse cultures as well as teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds. . The, v ideos section contains examples of multicultural video clips that can be used i n the classroom. . Although there has been a wealth of research on multicultural music education, the bulk of this exploration focuses on the elementary through college years. . In the past, great strides have been taken in the field of multicultural music education. The Books sections provides examples of picture books and teacher resource books to consider when pla n ning multicu ltural music lessons. . How can early childhood teachers incorporate multicultural music in the classroom?

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Children need to experience music in its fullest to fully appreciate and respond. . Dancing is every childs cultural birthrightMusic, too, is the memory of our people brought to lifeIn music and dance our children can awaken to a knowledge of themselvestheir community and their countryin ways that cannot be duplicated (DAmboise, 1991,. Little research has been conducted on the value of multicultural music education for preschool and pre-kindergarten children. . Children are exposed to languages, customs, and beliefs of varying cultures through music (Isenberg Jalongo, 2010,. The Finnish Journal of Music Education, 13 (1), 6-11. In 1953 for example, the founding of both the Society for E thnomusico logy and the, international Society for Music Education, began the pu sh toward greater awareness of multicultural music education. Multicultural music education developed from three distinct, yet interconnected fields, music education, multicultural education, and ethnomusicology (Herbert, 2010,. Not only do children learn valuable lessons, multicultural music is fun and engaging. .

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