The Need To Work

the Need To Work

opinion. The choice to avoid embarking on the path of civilized development, he suggests, may even be a conscious one: why should we plant when there are so many mongomongo nuts in the world? However, there is another view we can take of these matters. Moreover, they do not work continuously. If such primitive societies fail to build culture, he concludes, it is not strictly from want of time. We live in a capitalist society, based upon large-scale industry. As the extraordinary level of the miners unity, determination and commitment to their cause gradually became evident, one began to wonder: why are they fighting so hard? His lack of initiative, inability to save, absences while celebrating too many holidays, willingness to work only three or four days a week if that paid for necessities, insatiable desire for alcohol all were pointed out as proof of a natural inferiority "d.

The, need to, make, work, observable.
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Argues that the need to work is a false and artificial.

Rousseau, The Social Contract and Discourses, London, 1973,. This fight was and remains a quest for a broader ideal, namely the achievement of a life beyond work. One reason for this behaviour is the pervasive work ethic. I, Moscow, 1961,. The habits and attitudes it required were gradually accepted and internalised: human nature was transformed. The socialist principle of the right to work is a demand for jobs. Human powers and human needs are a human and social product. Such ideas provide the basis for much of the currently fashionable scepticism about the human value of work.