McCarthys Abuse of Power

mcCarthys Abuse of Power

with the charge of being a Soviet spy, although the evidence against him was questionable, and his guilt has subsequently been debated. It has been argued that this was not genuinely an issue of national security, but designed to gain control over the workforce. Emergency Measures The passing of the McCarran Internal Security Act in 1950 was a key moment in legal change. 15 96 Meeting of the Texas Industrial Commission to investigate alleged communist domination of certain labor organisations in the state of Texas, held in the state capitol building in Austin, Texas Dec Transcript of Testimony of Harvey Matusow Dec 4, 1953 Matusow Papers I Box.

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Power and sovereignty have indeed shifted so that neither are reducible or directly related to each other or to law. McCarthy tried to appear unaffected by the censure, but it became apparent that the Senate vote had robbed him of his power and status. Still others are regressed paedophiles, whose primary sexual orientation is towards adults, but because of circumstances abuse children. Dubnick American Government (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2004). 72 This means that Communists could be treated as foreign or non-citizens as they did not have citizenship of another state. His researchers found that the Overseas Library Program contained 30,000 books written by "communists, pro-communists, former communists, and anti-anti-communists." After the list was published, those books were banished from the library. In order to gain support for their position, they presented their opposition to the measures as ideological, rather than grounded in their desire for corporate dominance.

P Dunbabin The Cold War: The Great Powers and Their Allies (Harlow: Pearson, 1994). 95 Matusow played a key role in denouncing the trade unions as Communist. 117 This also follows Wolins idea that cultural materials reinforce narrow ideals. It became transformed from this to an issue of internal security and fear of infiltration of government and industry by Communists.