As I Lay Dying: Addie Bundreni

as I Lay Dying: Addie Bundreni

Addie Bundren is the most difficult member of the family to travel with. The wagon tips over, and. Jewel, the child she loved best was born of violence and thus became violent. He is always in motion. For instance, early on Cash builds his mother's coffin in view and within hearing of the entire Bundren family and their neighbors, the Tulls.

As i lay dying essay addie

as I Lay Dying: Addie Bundreni

This horrific scene should seemingly invoke within the reader feelings of sadness but when the boy drills air holes in the coffin for his mother to breathe and in the process drills holes into her head, some readers find themselves laughing out loud. Until this time, authors simply informed their readers of what a character was thinking: "Joe sat in the corner and felt sad." However, authors utilizing the stream-of-consciousness technique wrote as if they were inside a character's mind. Addie desired violence to make her feel alive.

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So, instead of crying, readers feel like laughing. While Addie lies dying on her corn-shuck mattress, Darl convinces Jewel to take a trip with him to pick up a load of lumber. Actions was what counted. Imagine the smell I have to experience just a few feet away from her. The narrators from outside the family like Tull and Peabody function to provide information about the Bundrens. The next smell is the disgusting fish water that her body is saturated. When teaching school didn't relieve her loneliness, she married Anse. The first smell I have to endure and hate the most is the smell of her rotting body alone.

As, i Lay, dying is a novel about how the conflicting agendas within a family tear it apart.
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Faulkner utilizes a stylistic technique.