Teens and Social Life in Hong Kong

teens and Social Life in Hong Kong

set pieces show touches of the old flair, but Hong Kong audiences will find they have seen it all before, and seen it done better. Seeing a slight decline in both quantity and general quality, the locally produced Chinese-language films that end up receiving a commercial release in our cinemas in the past 12 months have mostly failed to make a mark in our collective consciousness. Read the full review Read our interview with actress Stephy Tang. One in three primary school students. Benny Chan Muk-sings first non-action film in two decades is a wacky family comedy, imbued with a touch of lazily scripted sci-fi fantasy that suggests its pitched at pre-teens.

Read the full review Read our interview with director Wilson Yip. A third, or 11 cases, happened between 20Some included babies prone to moving around in their sleep at night and falling off the bed, or those who had stopped breathing after they turned over on their stomach to sleep. And while several of them are ranked high on our list, the top spot of this years list is, perhaps unsurprisingly, courtesy of one of the last true masters of Hong Kong cinema. Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back Four years after he struck gold at the Chinese box office with Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, comedy icon Stephen Chow Sing-chi keeps his screenwriting and producing credits, but cedes the directors seat to Tsui. Manhunt Its nice to see action auteur John Woo Yu-sen return to contemporary thrillers after a pair of mega-budget period epics ( Red Cliff and The Crossing ). Ghost Net A Hong Kong horror anthology characterised as much by its interesting premises as its dedicated cast of sexy young models, Ghost Net comprises three diverting if also largely throwaway slices of stylised terror with varying degrees of success.

Not even a gravely misused Simon Yam Tat-wah in horrible make-up as the villain could spoil the cheesy fun. And its regrettable to see Kongs misogynistic streak continue, as the victory of Fongs character over his ex is finally defined by his courage to slap her hard. The Empty Hands With the concision of a short-story adaptation and a languid ambience more often associated with arty independent films, this pet project of Chapman To Man-chat who produced, directed and co-wrote it plays like a showcase for singer-actress Stephy Tang Lai-yan, who has. A revolting male fantasy disguised as a women-empowering revenge thriller, this fourth feature by former playwright and theatre director Fire Lee Ka-wing (. The Adventurers even if it proves an apt representation of Stephen Fung Tak-luns glossy yet unapologetically superficial caper. Kung Fu Yoga, this martial arts action comedy with old-school characteristics tries to rekindle the exuberant spirit and high jinks of earlier Jackie Chan-Stanley Tong Kwai-lai collaborations such.