Mistreatment of iraqi prisoner

mistreatment of iraqi prisoner

psyop messages to leadership targets in Iraq. Archived from the original on September 10, 2012. I was actually called by a major news channel at the time and asked to comment. IZD-050 Leaflet IZD-050 depicts an Iraqi mother with child at the right and a smiling Saddam Hussein at the left. There are land mines alongside the road. IZD-1000 IZD-1000 Depicts an Iraqi family offering food to a downed Coalition pilot.

These newly released photographs depicted prisoners crawling on the floor naked, being forced to perform sexual acts, and being covered in feces. The text is: Destroying Iraqi oil fields and production facilities will not hinder Coalition operations. The back of the leaflet is text only with the message: The Coalition wishes no harm to the people of Iraq. A b Elizabeth Holtzman, "Torture and Accountability" Archived March 11, 2007, at the Wayback Machine., The Nation, posted June 28, 2005 (July 18, 2005 issue) about The Geneva Convention dead link "Former NY Congress member Holtzman Calls For President Bush and His Senior Staff. Don't judge your army based on the actions of a few. You watched this happen.

Officer fined for harsh interrogation Abdul Hadi al Iraqi, wikipedia