Relevance of History

relevance of History

of frequent meetings and revivals. Black History is American History, recently, I overheard a conversation shared by two colleagues, who pondered the need to observe Black History Month. The residents ate the apples raw; they peeled and sliced them, and dried them on the cabin roof for winter use or for sale; they made cider, vinegar, apple butter, and applejack. The Land Changes Again The park was created on land that had been privately owned and consisted of mostly clearings and cutover forest.

The mountains still produced blueberries each summer, and they could be sold for 25 cents a gallon. The first settler in this part of the Blue Ridge was probably Michael Woods, who built a home near Jarman Gap in 1734. Skyline Drive from Thornton Gap to Crescent Rock opened for a six week "preview" and then closed until 1934. Hunting parties sometimes burned forest areas in hunting drives to foster growing environments for berries and to draw deer to the forest edge and meadow habitats that they favored. Hawksbill, then as now, was the highest point. In 1669 Sir William Berkeley, Governor of the Colony, sent John Lederer, a "German scholar to explore the Blue Ridge.

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relevance of History

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