The Cause and Effect of the Russian Revolution

the Cause and Effect of the Russian Revolution

action by the king, moderate revolutionaries still wanted to preserve the constitutional monarchy, bobbie Ann Masons Shiloh while the radicals distrusted the king and wanted a republic. The First and Second Estates were grouped together because they had similar political beliefs. Unbeknownst to the people of France about the tragedy in Egypt, he was still welcomed as a hero. With his support, he was named the dictator of France.

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They said that not one official in power was corrupt, but that the whole system of government needed some change. In 1795, after the total ending of the Reign of Terror, the National Convention established another constitution. Rumors passed from village to village that robbers were destroying homes all over France. During the ancien regime, the church was equal in terms of its social, economic, and spiritual power. Some of these rioters were women. In 1791, the National Assembly brought forward a new constitution. It established a new system of government called the Directory.

the Cause and Effect of the Russian Revolution

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