Changing personalitys

changing personalitys

stimulation which calls it out in another tends to call it out. In psychotherapy, therefore, the situation is not that first we figure out what is wrong with an individual and how he must change-and then, somehow, he does. Quite paradoxically, as personality change occurs before their eyes and with their participation, therapists find their minds formulating what has been wrong. So far we have thought of implicit meanings as existing only in the direct referent; that is to say, only if and when we directly refer to our experiencing as a felt datum. At first, in these respects, I am "really myself" only when 1 am with you. If we apply this conceptual model of interaction process to experiencing, we can consider it an interaction of feeling and events events" here includes verbal noises, others' behaviors, external occurrences-anything that can interact with feeling).

A Theory of, personality

changing personalitys


Intelligence praise can undermine motivation and performance. This is an important principle, because I have the power to distract him. The emotions as such are not a direct reference to the felt experiencing. Characteristically, we do not then have the relevant aspects of felt process which usually function. There is a single process which involves all of the following: environmental interaction, body life, feeling, cognitive meanings, interpersonal relations, and self. Experiencing functions implicitly with countless meanings which, as felt (without verbal symbolization are aspects of the ongoing interaction. I must now make it quite clear that "implicit" and "explicit" meanings are different in nature. Yet all the time the individual has been changing just these "uncovered" factors which we formulate in terms of static explanatory contents.

Personality change - Translation into Russian

changing personalitys