The Buffalo Soldier Story

the Buffalo Soldier Story

and gentlemen were attentive and inquisitive, to our delight as much as theirs. Twice, little girls related that story to the movie Mulan. You remember, a field trip meant its almost time for summer vacation. We look forward to a different but just as enthusiastic reception from the members of the Buffalo Soldier 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association at the 151st Annual National Reunion here at the Buffalo Soldier Monument and Circle of First. Well, it still was the best way to spend a cool spring morning at the National Buffalo Soldier Monument, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A b c National Park Service, Buffalo Soldiers (PDF archived from the original (PDF) on January 4, 2007, retrieved Brief History (Buffalo Soldiers National Museum) (PDF 2008, retrieved "Did the Banana Splits inspire Bob Marley?". Page 2, buffalo Soldiers Links, you may freely link to this web site and its personal links for NON-commercial or personal USE only.

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They were full of third grade questions like, does the cannon fire or how many wars was the cannon in? Send e-mail to: 2001 by Stanford. It is a very pleasant duty call to address the excited young minds housed in even more energetic bodies as school nears it end for the year. He had fun anyway telling the kids he was wounded. The best part of the day was the smiles, thanks and even occasional hug from a young trooper and an expression of joy at having had the Buffalo Soldier story relayed to them by a Buffalo Soldier. At the entrance to the Buffalo Soldier Monument, Historian Thomas Gregory waited patiently for the little troopers to arrive. Adam Conner-Simons, "Picking Up What They're Laying Down Gelf Magazine, July 24, 2007. Cultura Proftica (on their album, tribute to the Legend: Bob Marley and, vanilla Ice (on his 2008 album, vanilla Ice Is Back!

the Buffalo Soldier Story

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