Kingdom of Matthais

kingdom of Matthais

22 Beginning from the baptism of John, unto that same day that he was taken. 125 Ulrich of Celje ordered Hunyadi's elder son, Ladislaus, to hand over all royal castles held by his father. 77 78 Sigismund's open bias towards Stibor of Stiboricz, Hermann of Cilli and his (mostly foreign) favorites gave rise to a number of plots. 143 Led by John Vitz, archbishop of Esztergom, many of Matthias's former supporters rebelled against him in 1471. 91 The first Gypsy groups were also admitted in the kingdom because of their information on the Ottoman Empire's military and their skills in manufacturing weapons.

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The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary, (Translated and Edited by Jnos. Bak and Martyn Rady) (2010). 152 Vladislaus II also abolished the taxes that had supported Matthias' mercenary army. 49 Along the southern frontiers, Louis I compelled the Venetians to withdraw from Dalmatia in 1358 50 and forced a number of local rulers (including Tvrtko I of Bosnia, and Lazar of Serbia ) to accept his suzerainty. Scrinia Slavonica (in Croatian). 127 Ladislaus V fled to Prague, where he died before the end of the year. 84 The king spent more and more time abroad especially after his election King of the Romans in 1410. John The Baptist to Christ's ascension. A b Kirschbaum 2005,. Matthias Corvinus (14581490 who led several successful military campaigns and also became the, king of Bohemia and the, duke of Austria. 21 Even his most faithful partisans depended on revenues from their temporary honours, 22 because the king rarely made land grants. "Hrvatsko-ugarski odnosi od sredinjega vijeka do nagodbe iz 1868.