Discrimination in the Work place

discrimination in the Work place

made. We use our jobs as a means to survive and enjoy life. The availability of antiviral therapy (ARV therapy) means that most people who are HIV positive should not become too ill to work. Employment discrimination essentially means you are singled out for being different. Moreover, it is against the law for anyone to pick on or harass you or anyone that helps you to make a complaint against them or anyone else who has subjected you to discrimination or harassment. If youve been unfairly dismissed, then you have just 21 days to make a complaint and that should go to The Fair Work Commission ( ). If an employee finds that he or she has been discriminated against and wishes to file a claim with the court, the employee only has to prove facts on the basis of which it can be presumed that discrimination based on sex has occurred. We dont get paid unless you get paid. Interference in doing your job, making changes to your job in a way that is disadvantageous to you.

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discrimination in the Work place

A supervisor and a subordinate) are not comparable persons. Call us today for a free consultation. Surgery or dentistry where there is a risk of exposure to bodily fluids or blood). Our firm will advance all expenses for your case and protect your rights. The reality is that the two often go together because when you are treated differently the form it can take may be verbal or emotional abuse and sometimes even sexual harassment. Some healthcare workers and laboratory technicians) mainly as a result of an accident with a needle/syringe. In some jobs, workers may actually face the risk of HIV infection through accidental direct exposure to infected blood (e.g. This means that the EEA do not cover every form of discrimination. However, if HIV does become symptomatic (i.e. In many cases, you must file your claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (eeoc) within 180 days of the last discriminatory act in order to preserve your rights. Staff should be provided with information on diversity and equality, and awareness of HIV should be raised within the organisation in order to prevent discrimination and stigma. If an employee with HIV becomes too unwell to continue their job role, employers should try to find alternative work that may be more suitable.

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