Two Authors Who Overcame Major Life Obstacles

two Authors Who Overcame Major Life Obstacles

disquisition on Government comparable to a leopard, because like the leopard he lives alone, in the forest, and accomplishes his aim, by overcoming those contrary to him, namely, the passions. To the bhikkhu, similarly, the perception of a being or the perception of a person does not disappear as long as he does not reflect, by way of the modes of materiality, in this body as it is placed or disposed in whatsoever position, after. By the Great Seer it was not said That through bodily taints men become impure, Or by the washing of the body they become pure. Pleasant feeling, indeed, Aggivessana, is a thing that is impermanent, put-together, dependently originating, decaying, passing away, fading and ceasing. In the more complex forms it is the selective and integrative action of the mind. It is oscillation vayodhatu that does the taking onward, the moving away from side to side; and it is oscillation that bears, turns round, pulverizes, causes the removal of liquidity, and expels. Separate from that fivefold aggregate, who, singly, looks straight on?

911 - Towers One and Two

The state of mind that is not clearly comprehending commits blunders of judgment in the business of choosing the right means and in avoiding the wrong. If for instance the yogi is meditating on the element of earth he will not think thus: "How can absorption arise by the repetition of the word earth?" He will think that the method of meditation taught by the Supreme Buddha will surely succeed, and. Clear comprehension of non-delusion is non-delusion that is clearly comprehending and is called non-stupefaction. Determining of the hair of the head and so forth according to color (vannato). As the Adviser is instrumental in distinguishing the good from the bad, and in getting the good and avoiding the bad, so mindfulness distinguishes the worthy from unworthy things, avoids the unworthy and obtains the worthy. On who is clearly comprehending sampajano is one who knows according to every way, intensively, or (item by item) in a detailed way samantato pakarehi pakattham va savisesam janati. When asked for a loan of some article he would say: "Even I do not use it; how can I give it?" Persons egotistical in that way, too, should be avoided. With material form in the several divisions (groups or parts One conscious state arises And quite another ceases, In sequence, like a river's flow, These states (of mind and matter). There is no one who having put up an oven and lit a fire is cooking each lump standing there. The Cemetery Contemplations are counted separately.