A Lesson Before Dying - Quotes Analysis

a Lesson Before Dying - Quotes Analysis

And I teach what the white folks around here tell me to teachreading, writing, and rithmetic. Telltell the chirren thank you for the pe-pecans, he stammered. Who made them God? Do I know how a man is supposed to die? White people believe that theyre better than anyone else on earth - and thats a myth. I probably would not have noticed it at all had a butterfly, a yellow butterfly with dark specks like ink dots on its wings, not lit there. Jefferson, 139, this is one of Jeffersons first pieces of dialogue that does not relate to him being a hog. Hes not going to make me feel guilty. It doesnt matter anymore, he said.

a Lesson Before Dying - Quotes Analysis

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He needed me, and he wanted me here, if only to insult. What justice would there be to take his life? I wanted to hug the first person I came. But I had been running in place ever since, unable to accept what used to be my life, unable to leave. There was no love there for each other.

I knelt down and buried my face in her lap. I wanted to throw my arms around him and hug him.